As collectors of discarded goods for over 20 years, the Salihovic members are often seen as outcasts in their hometown of Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of the family’s five children only Mila (real name Samila), how the project has a title, she wants to educate herself and change her future.

Just 11 years old when I met the family, Mila has proven to be a brilliant problem solver. During the period of primary school, he showed interest in acting and sports – football. All this gradually shaped Mila into finishing school and finding a job. After elementary school, she enrolled in a three-year Agricultural Technician school. She had a plan to go for more than one year to get a diploma in Food technology. Unfortunately, the father Ahmo dies, emotionally for the whole family, Mila stopped the education she had and did not continue, she got a job thinking that she would help herself and her family more. Even though Mila had plans and wishes, at that moment, she lost her right to school. The only way was to continue it was part-time and it was expensive. However, help for Mila came through the help of people abroad. Her school is paid and she will have a four-year diploma. This project continues to follow Mila and her idea of enrolling in college. Her attitude and strength to persevere in the idea of having a much better life than she has now and a family that supports her, but also this project is a reminder that it is not enough to just have dreams and hopes because changing a life requires constant work and willingness to give up certain things to create an environment just for yourself.

The members of the Salihovic family are of Muslim origin from Bijeljina, they are not Roma, where they have been mainly involved in waste collection and recycling. This case, without a doubt, goes to show a problem that the world is sliding into with too much inertia. While this great world thrives, making every idea that comes to mind possible, the needs of an ordinary man seem to be forgotten and while he is seen less and less, in the meantime, he still wakes up and continues to live the only way he knows how.