Story documents the life of 80-year-old Cvije Dokic and her life of solitude.

Due to limited economic growth and opportunity, many of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rural villages are disappearing. The remaining residents of these villages are mainly elders who have chosen to stay and live out their days all alone. Once they are gone, the only evidence that someone once lived in these partswill be told stories, that if not documented, soon will be long forgotten.
80-year-old mother of three, Cvije Dokic, has lived in the village of Tobut near Majevica Mountain all of her life. As the years passed, she watched as each of her children chose to leave the family home in search for more prosperous lives abroad. After the death of her husband, Cvije chose to remain alone. This project, shot over a 4-day timeframe, takes a look into her day-to-day life of solitude and seclusion, which she has now lived for more than 10 years.