Re-cycle of life

Series of these photographs in the local shape and many of its colours shows a few lives on the margin. It is about people who earn for life collecting wastage and selling it in a market.

For ten years family Salihovic from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina lives collecting and selling westage. Five members of this family aren’t hungry ot thirsty as they say. They behave to their job like all other employed people. Every day they wake up at the same time, prepare and came across the same road, which is the same for years. As they go through different towns in an old Mercedes, the car, they meet local people. They have known them for a long time and they help them from time to time. They give them things they don’t use and more. People see the Salihovic family is good and honest, they live from their own work and they don’t damage anybody. When you ask them something, you should believe they less complain than other people. The father of this family, Ahmo says if thay don’t have their own home they don’t live without hope they will found solution for their problem. Ahmo and his third wife Melvida are honest companions to each other. They share their job. Ahmo collects metals: capper, iron, aluminium, plastic and Melvida things for home and clother. Melvida goes to the market two times a week, on Tuesday and Friday and there sells things. They earn in average 100 euro a week selling things. It is for all their costs. When you count everything, they earn on average salary. It is enough for five members family, for their elementary needs. Additional saurce of help is money from municipality thay have as poor family. Thay have financial help for education of their children and thay sometimes get food packages. Winter is the most difficult for family Salihovic. During the winter market doesn’t work. But during the winter metal is more expensive. They check it careffuly. If they have enough capper, the fee of it is higher during the winter, they can earu enough money then. Collecting of westage and selling of it Gipsies did in the past.

Salihovici are the invisible Bijeljina family. Maby their example shows us through a little bit open door that the world goes with strong inertion. While that big world creates everything it cam imagine on ordinary human being can see less nad less. In the meantime we must live in that world.

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